Friday, September 28, 2012

Term 3 Reflection.

Learning Journal

Being a successful learner involves you being reflective about the learning process. It is about you identifying your strengths, weaknesses and areas you would like to improve in. Reflection just does not happen at the end of a task, it can be throughout a task.

I would now like you to take some time to answer these questions:

1. Are you pleased with how this term has gone for you?
yes because its are cool and fun day.
2. What have you learnt this term?
I learnt to do 3D shapes.

3. What have you found easy this term?
  I found math easy because we do fraction and pluses.

4. What have you found tricky / difficult this term?
  the thing that I found tricky was reading.

5. Who  / what has helped you with your learning this term?
 My best friend helps me when i have problems .

6. What could you change with your learning for next term?
  I would like to  change my adichu .

7. What are your next learning steps to make you a successful learner for next term? I would like to try to be are leader.t

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Story of hope from the bible 2

Genesis 13:17-14 - Abraham Moves to Hebron.
The hope was that everyone will have land to live .

Exodus 16:4-5 - The Manna and the Quails.
The hope was that God will never let them be hungry

Psalm 78:23-29 - God and his people.
The hope is that God will not let his people go hungry.

Daniel 6:1-26 - Daniel in the Pit of Lions.
The hope is that God will forgive us.


An elipse looks like an egg or a circle that has been sat on.
2 dimensional shapes are all flat.
an equilateral sides are the same.
an  Isoscele is shaped like a witches hat or an icicle.
a scalene lines are not the same.
a right angle has a 90 degree angle.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sacrament summative assessment

Finish this sentence: Jesus continues to heal people today through
us. ✔

Highlight what happens in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
clothing with a white garment         reading the Word of God
the washing of feet                anointing the forehead with oil baptising with water                    laying on of hands
anointing the hands with oil            the rosary

Name the 7 Sacraments:
Baptism ✔
Confirmation ✔
Penance ✔
Anointing of the sick ✔
Holy orders
Marriage ✔

Name two ways people can participate in the celebration of the Eucharist responding to father in the mass and in heaven. You can sing and respond to father when saying prayers

Stories of hope from the bible.

Genesis 2-3 - The story of creation
The hope was that God would create light.

Matthew 24:37-38 No one knows the day or hour
The hope was that everything would be fine,
even if things got bad.

Exodus 9:3-14 - Hail
The hope was that  people will be free and worship god.

Exodus 15:22-27 -bitter water
The hope is that god would provide fresh water for them.

Monday, September 3, 2012

X Country

On last friday 24 August there was cross country at St Pius X Catholic School and there were children running.

The little juniors run first. After the juniors ran it was room fives turn. After they ran it was the seniors turn and the seniors had to ran the whole course but they had to run in their age groups.

When the cross country was finished we had to line back up in the age groups and go back into our classroom and eat our fruit while we waited until our parents came to pick us up.