Wednesday, February 20, 2013

e-Learning Vocabulary.

URL -  Address of a website.

Blog - where you post your ideas

Post - sharing something on your blog

Comment -  comment on someones writing

Wireless -   connecting to the internet

Email -  giving  people messages

Username -  where you put your name for an account

Password - your secret code

Screenshot - taking a picture

Desktop - the main screen on my netbook.

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Holiday

On are sunny day me and my family went to a family Reunion at the beach to meet up with our families. My aunty said that we had to come in colourful clothes. My dad’s dad side had to wear red and my dad’s dad’s brother’s side had to wear blue.

That day was are fun because we had sport. The sport that we did was rugby, soccer and racing. We had a big feast that day because Waitangi day was the day that my dad’s dad’s brother had passed away.

We went to the beach with our families and swam. When I swam I caught a small fish, it was a red fish and I took it and I put it on a bowl with sea water. After that we changed and we went home to sleep so we would be ready for school and work.