Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oktapodi is a short film it was set in Greece. We watched Oktapodi because we are learning to share our opinion. The characters are 2 octopus’ coloured is pink and orange, they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

The 2 octopus’ were hugging and then the man got the pink octopus and the boyfriend went after his girlfriend. When the octopus got on the truck the man punched the octopus so he could get off the truck. They crashed a little bit and then the octopus fell out. The octopus’ ran through the pools and then they tried to fly past the man. The man got them and smashed them on his truck and then the two octopus’ were saved but the man on the truck fell with the truck into the ocean. Suddenly a bird got the boyfriend and then the girlfriend tried to get him back.

I liked the movie because I liked it when the Octopus got smacked on the truck.

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