Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catholic Schools Day.

Yesterday morning was Catholic School’s Day and Saint Joseph’s school came over to our school  and they came with us to mass. Their priest came to our school to celebrate the day with us, the priest of St Joseph’s is father Terry.

After mass we had a shared lunch with the Saint Joseph’s children and then we told some kids our age to come and play with us, so we played bull rash. When we were about to start we said to the Saint Joseph’s kids will run and the Saint Pius kids will try to catch them. The staff of Saint Joseph’s and St Pius had a shared lunch in the library.

After big lunch we all lined up and we went to the hall for the concert. Room 7 sang a song and after them was St Joseph’s and our class went up and did our cup song. After that our concert was finished St Joseph’s walked out the hall and went back to their school. What an awesome day.

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