Thursday, June 7, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

On Wednesday after morning tea Mrs Tui came to room three and told Mrs Deeney that Mr McGivern and Mrs Irene was coming to our classroom and they were coming to teach us how to do orienteering.

The first thing that he said was that we will use a map to look at. We put our hand up and answered lots of questions about using a map. Mr McGivern said we had to use a map because that’s what we follow.

After that we did some hunting in our classroom and we had to look for words. When we finished we went outside and did some orienteering on the field.

When we got outside we got are paper from Mr McGivern and they told us the rules. The rules were that we were not to go backwards and not to jump over the puncher because the puncher will break. When we played orienteering we ran around and we didn’t get lost. After that we went to morning tea.

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