Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom and the Dragon

Once there was a boy called Tom, he asked his mother if he could go to the pier and his mother told him to be careful when he goes to the pier because there is a dragon who lives in a cave. “He’s dangerous”.

Tom went to the cave as he did not listen to his mother. The dragon said “do you want to play chess?” so they did but the dragon did not like to lose and he was sad so he nearly barbequed the little boy Tom. Fire came out of his mouth and after that Tom climbed on the dragons back and when Tom got on the dragon put his wings up which meant he wanted to fly. He flew and when he flew Tom fell into the water and he did not look down. If he was going to be scared the dragon would save him but he would end up in the dragon’s stomach.

The dragon got him out so at the end Tom’s mother and the dragon’s mother said hello and the dragon and Tom said “lets never be enemies”.

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